Our Featured Talent

Senior Plant Manager/Director of Operations

Dec 19, 2023

  • Heavy gauge Manufacturing Leader anyone? We’re featuring a Senior Plant Manager who is also a Subject Matter Expert!
  • Growing up in the heavy gauge forming industry, he started as a CNC Machinist, then moved into CNC Programming, then into CNC Team Leadership roles, and ultimately into both Operations and Engineering Leadership positions. He really understands heavy gauge manufacturing from the ground up!  
  • Though the bulk of his career is in heavy gauge forming, he also spent a couple of years working in a 24/7 high-speed, highly-automated thin gauge thermoforming packaging manufacturing operation. So, he’s pretty diverse!
  • Leading a team of about 350 people across a couple of sites, he is a very hands-on leader (as would be expected), specifically investing time to get to know his team and helping them achieve their best. 
  • His Why? It all is about looking for a new challenge. He works for a small privately-held company directly for the owners, so there are no growth opportunities. The owners are highly niched, they own their market space, and they’re content. He wants a bigger challenge, so he’s looking to make a change. He lives out in the Rockies, desires a warmer climate, and is willing to explore a lot of options. 
  • Titles that align are Plant Manager, Senior Plant Manager, or Manufacturing Director, depending on the scope. He is driven and likes to be in control, making decisions that impact the bottom line. 
  • If you need a very strong and independent Operations Leader with subject matter expertise in heavy gauge thermoforming (CNC machining, programming, thermoforming manufacturing), who is willing to relocate, give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!