Our Featured Talent

Senior Reliability Engineer/Manager

Sep 26, 2023

  • Very strong Reliability Leader – bringing 25 years of experience in manufacturing, with over 15 years of that in reliability. 
  • Coming out of the maintenance and engineering teams as an individual contributor, he moved up into both corporate-level and multi-site level, and ultimately shifted into leadership roles – including supporting over 30 manufacturing plants and leading a team of over 50 people spread across that footprint! 
  • Strengths: He has excellent abilities to see through the weeds and determine root causes. He knows how to train and educate Maintenance Techs, E&I Techs, and Engineers in order to ensure compliance and RCM, including leveraging many different tools and systems. 
  • His Why?  He was recently impacted as a result of bankruptcy and financial restructuring. 
  • He is actively looking for and seeking a new opportunity– and very specifically, is looking for an organization that is willing to fully support an effort to build and implement a full reliability-centered maintenance team.  He is based in the southeast and is willing to relocate in that region. 
  • Titles that align are Regional Reliability Engineer, Regional Reliability Manager, or similar.  He’s also very willing and is used to traveling in support of multiple sites, if that aligns better for you and your team. 
  • If you are looking for someone who can drive change and make dramatic improvements to a site and organization through technical transformation, THIS is your guy! Reach out to me! I’d love to put you together!