Our Featured Talent

Senior Operations Leader/Technical Leader

Oct 3, 2023

  • Two-for-One Leader: equal parts Operations Leader and Technical Leader, bringing multi-site accountability and an international/ex-pat assignment to the table. 
  • He has an extraordinary background and experience in plastics – coatings, colors/pigments, sheets, films, and extrusion – all highly related to and supporting thermoforming manufacturing. 
  • 30 years of experience with significant leadership experience and a penchant for turning around “unloved” businesses, using many different tools but primarily focusing on people –  improving morale, engaging the team, and ultimately making things profitable through continuous improvement efforts and initiatives. 
  • Strengths: He is highly adaptable and a fast learner. He started out in the lab, shifted into product development, then into technical management and leadership, spent a significant amount of time in operations leadership, and even has done a stint in quality leadership.
  • Why now? Due to a massive restructuring because of a significant downtown in business, he was impacted, and his role was eliminated.     
  • He is looking for a great organization to leverage his skills, one that is growing, stable, and in need of his ability to turn around a business. 
  • Appropriate roles for him are Site Director, Regional Manufacturing Leader, Plant Manager, and even a VP for the right-sized organization on the Operations side. He is also a very capable Technical Leader — he was actually a VP of all product development at one point in his career–  so he would align as a Technical Manager, Engineering Director, New Product Development, or even Quality Leader. There are not many ‘jack of all trades’ out there, but he really has quite the quiver of arrows he can pull from!
  • He is very flexible on location – currently located in the Midwest and is open to the Midwest and South. 
  • If he sounds like a potential fit and can align with a key need in your organization, please reach out!