Our Featured Talent

Senior Operations Leader

Jan 16, 2024

  • Very strong Senior Operations Leader who brings SME plastics manufacturing technical strengths, systems and supply chain expertise (major SAP and MES implementations), and multi-site leadership accountability. Yes, he is the full package! 
  • He is a gifted leader who can see beyond the status quo and drives change through capital improvements, systems change, and operational improvement, all ultimately leading to generating new business. 
  • Why now? He was brought on to drive and lead three key projects, all of which were put on long-term hold due to market conditions. He is actively looking for his next role and organization.   
  • As far as titles go, he is flexible. On the low end, he can be that Senior Manufacturing Production Leader, and on the higher levels, he can be a Plant Manager, Manufacturing Director, or even VP of Ops level roles. (He’s held a VP of Operations role with multi-site accountability.) 
  • Though he is willing to relocate, he is targeting the eastern seaboard and looking to be on or close to the Atlantic. He is currently in the northeast. Also, he is not looking for a high-travel role (and hence his flexibility on titles).  He’s had travel roles… been there, done that, and burned out on it. 
  • If you need a Three-For-One Leader, bringing a variety of plastics processing technical knowledge (thermoforming, extrusion, and injection molding), who also has a ton of systems and supply chain implementations under his belt, please give me a call! I’d love to put you together!