Our Featured Talent

Technical Director

Nov 28, 2023

  • Technical Director: With 10 years of experience in thin gauge, highly automated thermoforming manufacturing, he has great experience in engineering leadership with a solid mix of early career product development and project management!
  • High potential leader as he has grown into a Director-level leadership role in under 10 years!
  • With a very strong hands-on leadership & mentorship style, he is able to connect well with his team and develop new leaders from within.
  • Why now? Though the company is growing, he is looking for a change. He desires a BIG challenge with continued opportunities to learn, grow, and develop.
  • Depending on the overall scope, appropriate titles are Senior Manager or Director leading engineering, product/process design, projects, and maintenance – or any combination that aligns – either at a large site, multi-site, or at a corporate level.
  • Another major plus: he is open to relocation!
  • If this Leader sounds like a potential fit for a key need in your organization, please give me a call! I’d love to put you together!