Our Featured Talent

Technical Leader

Oct 24, 2023

  • Very strong 25-year Maintenance and Engineering Leader who brings years of experience in thin-gauge forming for food packaging. He came up through the ranks as an Automation/E&I Technician and therefore has a very strong base of technical knowledge, specifically in high-speed manufacturing. 
  • With accountability for all technical aspects of multiple plants including manufacturing maintenance, engineering, and facilities. Along with that experience is a significant amount of time in food packaging, extrusion, and thermoforming. He really is a great asset!   
  • Bringing the whole package, he impacts OEE (including full implementation of a tracking system), creates and implements PM systems, improves quality, and even decreases labor costs as well. 
  • His Why? (1) He is desiring to get back into packaging and food-based manufacturing – where his true strengths and passion are, and (2) his current company and industry are experiencing volatility, so he is seeking a more stable and growing organization and industry. Stability is his key!
  • He can fit into either Maintenance, Engineering, or a combination of those roles. Given his scope, appropriate levels are Senior Manager up through Senior Director, depending on the size of the company. He is located in the northeast, and though he’s not able to relocate, he is willing to explore multi-site leadership. He’s ready to come alongside an organization and bring all that he has to the table!
  • If you are in need of this kind of strong technical leadership, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!