Our Featured Talent

Technical Sales Support/New Product Project Implementation Leader

Jul 18, 2023

  • Thermoforming Professional: a unique combination of Technical Sales Engineer, NPD Project Leader, True Product Cost and Profitability Guru, and Senior Design Engineer! 
  • With 30 years of experience in thin gauge thermoforming, with particular expertise in medical device products and packaging, he is a bonafide SME! 
  • He is a critical partner to the Commercial Operations team – coming alongside sales, NPD, and service teams to provide analysis of the numbers, insights into design for manufacturing, and more.  He has excellent project oversight abilities especially given his career path – starting out as a Drafter, shifting to Designer (products and tools), and then to Project Engineer and Leader. He’s got it all, so he can pull from that experience and come along and work well with anyone!
  • Why Now? Same story, different day: business shifted and he was impacted. He’s looking for a new opportunity!
  • As I’ve already mentioned, he could fill many different roles and titles! If you need a customer-facing Sales Engineer that brings a strong ability to understand all the business financials to ensure profitability on new products in the med device packaging world that can also manage a high number of projects, then this is your guy!
  • He is located in the Midwest and is not currently able to relocate. A remote role would be ideal or somewhere in the Chicagoland region would work. 
  • He is actively seeking a new opportunity, so please give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!