Our Featured Talent

Vice President of Sales

Feb 13, 2024

  • Amazing Vice President of Sales, with more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales leadership in custom thin gauge thermoforming!
  • Moving quickly from Account Rep into Director level roles and up through SVP, this particular leader has full accountability for all sales and marketing for businesses of up to $200M in revenue.
  • Why now? Short version: After enduring a lot of volatility over the past couple of years, his role was eliminated.  Long version: He was pulled into a Director-level role by a previous CEO with whom he worked in the past to fix a flailing business – $100M of business – and shifted into the VP of Sales role. He fixed the business, but the chaos caught up to him.  He is looking for a great organization where he can leverage his extensive knowledge and do it again – grow (or fix and grow) the business, build teams, and more.
  • Regarding titles, Vice President of Sales or VP of Sales and Marketing aligns well with his scope. Others include SVP or CCO depending on the overall need.
  • If you need a very strong Senior Sales Leader with tremendous custom thin gauge thermoforming experience, please give me a call!