Our Featured Talent

Vice President of Operations

Aug 1, 2023

  • High-level Senior Operations Leader with 20+ years of tremendous experience in leading teams in a high-growth environment in plastics. This is someone that has experienced absolutely tremendous – and sometimes tumultuous – growth… working for the same organization that has changed hands 5 times, all the while increasing in size by a factor of 6 over the course of nearly 20 years! To give this more scope, the company went from being a $500M organization to over $3B via mostly acquisitions and integrations. Amazing growth! 
  • Multi-site accountability, leading a team of more than 1000, he truly loves being in the plants, working with the site leadership teams, implementing new products, being on the floor, and making things happen! 
  • As would be expected, he loves developing people, loves continuous improvement, loves product development and innovation, and loves growth – all things that would be expected from someone who has worked and lived in that exact kind of environment and organization for a long time.
  • Why Now? Though he made it through several changes, he didn’t in this most recent round. So, he’s looking for a new opportunity. He is also looking to reduce his travel a bit, from 100% to a more balanced 50-70% target. He’s looking for an organization that is in high-growth mode – or wants to get there – in order to take advantage of his experience. 
  • Suitable roles are Senior Director, VP, or GM of Operations; depending on the size, he can even step into a COO opportunityLocated out west, he is likely going to be traveling, but would relo for the right position. 
  • He is actively seeking a new opportunity… but taking his time because it’s all about finding the right fit.  If you are in need of a very strong, executive-level operations leader with tremendous experience in leading teams in a high-growth environment in plastics – specifically in flexibles, recyclables, or other plastics/thermoforming – give me a call!
  • If he aligns with a need, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!