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Update Your Resumé Day

Top Tips from a Recruiter:

  • Make certain your resumé matches your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters and companies review your LI profile as well as your resumé. Be sure to include your LI profile link on your resumé.
  • Include data-specific accomplishments as proof of your performance. Prospective employers want specifics that prove results. Avoid sticking to the generic job description. Results, especially in hard numbers, are what really make you stand out!
  • Keep the font consistent and easily readable. Avoid the fancy font – you want your accomplishments & experience to impress potential employers, not the font! Our recommendation: stick to the classics like Cambria, Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. Size? No smaller than 10 pt; we prefer 11 pt.
  • To bold or not to bold? Our suggestion: stick to the rule of threes. Bold your name at the top, each company’s (employer) name, and your job titles. Leave everything else in regular font. If you want to use italics, use them sparingly; we normally only italicize the company names.
  • Be thorough but not wordy. Since most resumés are viewed digitally, the old days of sticking to 1-2 pages are gone.
  • Include your education and any applicable certifications.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! There’s nothing more off-putting than misspellings or grammar errors.

Thanks again, LJB! We couldn’t create our #FridayMood posts without you! 🌟🤩

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