Our Featured Talent

Business Development Manager/Sales Leader

Mar 14, 2023

  • Strong Business Development Manager/Sales Leader with 30 years of experience in food packaging.
  • He brings significant scope and accountability, managing over 50 accounts totaling over $50M in annual sales; proven history of delivering, large, strategic national accounts – bringing over $32M in new business in the most recent 7 years.
  • He understands how to bring big chunks of business to the table. He has strengths in developing new business with existing clients and prospecting for new clients, thanks to his hunter mentality and approach.  A key example: thanks to some internal and external forces, he needed to take a hard look at his book of business, focused on the top 30%, put the right people in the right places, and succeeded. He just gets it done!
  • Why now? The large organization he worked for went through multiple restructures, and he was impacted. He’s looking for a great company to lead and/or create new business.
  • He is immediately available, located in the Midwest, and looking to get into a great and growing organization. He has a lot of experience in both injection molding and thermoforming packaging. His roles are either in leadership, national account management, or both. He’s just really a solid contributor to any company!
  • If you are in need of this type of strong Sales Leadership and New Business Development, please reach out!