Our Featured Talent

Chief Commercial Officer

Nov 21, 2023

  • Executive Leader of a Fortune 100 company: seeking a Chief Commercial Officer or Chief Executive Officer opportunity. (Obviously, these roles are few and far between, but amazing leaders still need to be promoted and marketed!) 
  • A gifted leader with very high levels of business and people acumen. He has tremendous pedigree, working with a large, global organization and advancing up through many levels including as the president of a division, and culminating into a CCO role.    
  • With organizational leadership across all commercial operations functions, full P&L accountability for more than a $1B business, and experience in a variety of industries, he can and will make a tremendous impact on his next organization!  It also doesn’t hurt that he speaks multiple languages. 
  • His Why? After the latest merger, acquisition, and consolidation, he assisted with that transition and decided to make a change. He currently lives in the US and is willing to relocate anywhere, including overseas, as he has done in the past; he has lived overseas in Europe and Asia. 
  • Titles that align are President, CEO, or CCO. He’s mainly looking for full ownership of commercial operations or leading an entire organization and company in order to lead and drive results from that level.
  • If you need a well-rounded Executive with the pedigree of a Fortune 100 company to lead your entire organization or the commercial operations team, give me a call! I’d love to put you together!