Our Featured Talent

Executive Showcase: Sales & Marketing Executive

Jul 9, 2024


  • Talents: Given his background and extensive experience, he brings a very broad understanding of the thermoforming business – sales, customer service, design, NPD, marketing, and moreHe has launched a lot of new products in a lot of different channels. 
  • Results: He has generated millions of dollars in new business through launching new products ($2M on just one piece of foodservice business), fully integrated an acquired company, and more. 
  • Experiences: More than 30 years of combined experience in packaging (including some heavy gauge products) with a tremendous amount of time working with custom thin gauge food packaging products. 
  • Culture & Leadership Style: Flexible and willing to do what it takes is the best way to describe his overall approach – and what he expects of his teams as wellWorking for small to mid-market companies, he is used to wearing a variety of different hats which provides him with great perspective.
  • Accountabilities: Full accountability for all sales and marketing for a $25M business (as VP); previous accountability for supporting $300M in business for a food packaging business. 
  • Next Role: It is all about the role and alignment with his background and philosophyHe is flexible – even willing and able to relocate if neededrelative to the overall opportunityDepending on the need, titles will range from Senior Director up through EVP of Sales, Marketing, Commercial Operations, and similar. 
  • If you need a proven Sales & Marketing Leader in all things sales and marketing in the food packaging world – with strengths in product development or experience in heavy gauge products, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!