Our Featured Talent

Executive Showcase: Sales & Marketing Executive

Jul 2, 2024


  • Talents: His key strength is the ability to tie sales, operations, and product development together in a cohesive, unified strategyHe is particularly good at assessing products and markets and then developing solutions that are wins for the company – effectively jump-starting the product development funnel (all while also better leveraging existing products). 
  • Results: Significant CAGR in both top-line sales and, importantly, double-digit growth in margins; millions in dollars of the NPD pipeline… which led to millions of dollars in new sales.
  • Experiences: Degreed engineer who turned into an accomplished commercial operations leaderHis technical background lends itself to leveraging numbers in the form of key metrics and budgets; he has been working with PE-held companies in his previous three roles and has developed strengths in quickly assessing and correcting struggling organizations (including in operations).  Very strong pedigree (learning, developing, and growing up in large & successful organizations). 
  • Culture & Leadership Style: Highly team-focused and customer-centric: holding his people accountable in the right way and being in the market via visiting the top 20 customers and clients annually.  He enjoys being challenged and, though not looking to be a change agent, ends up being one. 
  • Accountabilities: International business experience; led teams of about 30 people; $150M in annual revenue. 
  • Next Role: Similar to his previous roles: VP/SVP/EVP of Sales and Marketing; readily able to step into a CRO/CCO role for the right organization.  
  • If you need a gifted Sales & Marketing Leader who will grow both top-line revenue and margins, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!