Our Featured Talent

Executive Showcase: Sales & Marketing Executive

Jun 11, 2024


  • Talents: This gifted leader specializes in driving dramatic growth. He is able to do this through focusing on creating aggressive strategic goals, developing strong tactical planning, and all wrapped up in a collaborative approach.   
  • Results: Most recently delivered 40% increase year over year; doubled the pipeline in his previous role within a year; nearly tripled revenues in his last role prior to that (5-7 years span), going from just over $100M to over $300M! Additionally, he stabilized teams, changed cultures, grew services, and increased profitability. 
  • Experiences: from Chief Revenue Officer (most recent contract role) through VP of Sales, Marketing, and Commercial Operations, Director, and even uniquely brings a solid base of early career experience in Human Resources and HR Leadership. His experience spans several industries with more than 15 years in packaging. 
  • Culture & Leadership Style: He is passionate about creating a great team culture!  It is both a core value and core strength of his. “Company culture is what determines how we will work together and if the success we have today can be sustained into the future.  Culture determines what type of people the organization can attract and retain.” Great stuff! It also informs his leadership style and approach. He articulates his style as supportive, inclusive, accountable, humble, and decisive.  He gives the needed freedom to succeed… while ensuring high levels of accountability.   
  • Accountabilities: More than $300M in revenue with global reach and a large team. 
  • Next Role: He is seeking an opportunity to come alongside an organization in need of growth, leveraging the strengths of the company and team, and bringing his perspective and talents to bear.   
  • If you are in need of strong growth from a highly collaborative and culturally driven Sales Executive, please reach out!