Our Featured Talent

Executive Showcase Introduction

Jun 7, 2024

  • We are excited to share a new program with you: our Executive Showcase. You can access the Executive Showcase via our website: https://Siena-Group.com/featured-talent/Executive-Showcase/.
  • The combination of the success of our Featured Talent platform and working with amazing senior leaders in the past couple of years thanks to our retained searches, we really wanted to make sure we invested more time into showcasing their talents, results, and experiences to a select audience. 
  • These leaders are VPs, SVPs, EVPs, and C-level – across Sales, Operations, Quality, Supply Chain, Finance, and more.  And these kinds of roles are usually not public; most are filled via networking.  However, we believe it makes sense to showcase these leaders to essentially add to your networking efforts in what is commonly a confidential search. 
  • During a retained search, we invest a significant amount of time and resources to find and present tremendous talent.  However, there is only one role to fill.  I’ve learned that though there is a small group of people who can absolutely knock the role out of the park, there is a smaller subset who align due to specific experience in a particular industry or brings turnaround experience or brings a certain leadership style to a team – and also gels well with the team, peers, and leadership.  Therefore, we have senior leaders fully vetted who are confidentially seeking a new opportunity – who didn’t land that particular role – but are ready to make huge impacts on a new organization.  So why not showcase them?!? 
  • And that is exactly what our Executive Showcase will do! We will continue to hone this approach to provide the right information in the right way to the right people so be patient with us. And we know that a retained search is warranted on these levels… but there is also always the potential for a quick win too.