Our Featured Talent

Manufacturing Engineer

Mar 7, 2023

  • Early career Manufacturing Engineer with some experience in thin-gauge thermoforming.
  • Though this particular engineer brings some design experience – both in tooling and packaging, with some thin-gauge thermoforming – he is very much early career. With the demand for engineers being so extraordinarily high, this is what everyone is looking for!
  • After a change (the organization that he worked with shed the small plant and he was impacted), he decided to go back to school and is pursuing his Masters in Manufacturing Engineering. His Masters will be completed shortly.
  • Why now? He wants a job! Even though he is finishing up his Masters degree, the program is very supportive of their students; therefore, he is immediately available! Again, he doesn’t have a ton of front-line manufacturing experience, but it’s the direction that he wants to head in his career.
  • He is immediately available, willing to relocate anywhere (which is amazing), and looking to get into an organization to learn, grow, and make an impact.  He is eager, he has some exposure to thermoforming, and… he is fully bilingual! That is a huge asset in my mind!
  • Given his lack of overall experience, you won’t see an immediate impact, but that is the very definition of “early career”. If you are able to invest a little time and support, you will definitely reap long-term benefits with an Engineer that will get it done for you!