Our Featured Talent

Operations Leader | Site Director

Nov 22, 2022

  • This talented Operations Leader is a multi-plant/large site Director-level leader with significant experience in highly complex thin-gauge thermoforming, extrusion, and injection molding manufacturing. 
  • Strengths include being a strong turnaround specialist… and his results prove it! His track record includes tremendous improvement in OEE through maintenance and reliability, implementing training plans, and quality improvements. These improvements have delivered cost savings and/or cost avoidance in the millions of dollars! So, he’s definitely someone who gets it done!
  • Why Now? He was very recently caught up in a restructuring that impacted a significant swath of a multi-national company, and he is now highly active in the search for a great new company to leverage his extensive experience and leadership capabilities. 
  • Appropriate roles for him are Manufacturing Director, Site Director, Senior Plant Manager (depending on the scope), or similar types of roles with accountability for multiple plants or one large, complex campus.
  • Bonus: He is willing to relocate! He is currently living in the west but is willing to relocate for the right role with a great company.