Our Featured Talent

Production Manager

Nov 14, 2023

  • Strong Production Manager with experience in leading a 4-shift 24/7 operation with a team of about 200. 
  • He brings significant experience in plastics – specifically in extrusion.  He would not classify himself as a subject matter expert, but with more than 10 years under his belt, he definitely holds his own on the manufacturing floor! 
  • He is a highly engaged, floor-focused leader; technically sound in a variety of plastics processing but especially in extrusion as mentioned already.
  • Safety is huge for him! He is also very strong in creating and delivering training – very big on cross-training. He is a very positive person, brings that energy to the floor, and is very cultural – wants to make sure that everybody is singing off the same songsheet, if you will. 
  • His Why? His current role is a contract position, meeting a specific short-term need, and therefore he is looking for a permanent role.  Prior to it, he was unfortunate to take a role that ended up being a bad work environment, and so he decided to make a move.
  • Titles that align are Production, Operations, or Manufacturing Manager.  His roles have been more than just production supervision; he has led operations – meaning manufacturing, manufacturing maintenance, tool room, etc. 
  • He is willing to relocate!  Though he isn’t open to every location, he is definitely exploring all options. 
  • If you need a high-energy, very positive, strong communicating Production Leader, give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!