Our Featured Talent

Sales Leader

Nov 29, 2022

  • This talented Sales Leader is notably experienced in custom thin-gauge thermoforming with a significant amount of experience in med device packaging. 
  • He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and knows how to close new business, specifically with key strategic accounts.  He has generated a nearly 9% compounded annual growth rate over the past 4 consecutive years… and yes, that is through the painful Covid years! 
  • Why now? He’s been with his current company for some time and is looking for a fresh start with a larger organization that offers him more opportunities. He is willing to relocate and is focused on the right next fit. 
  • What appropriate roles and levels will work for him? He has simultaneously acted as both a leader of a Sales team and a direct, hands-on partner to critical clients, so he’s looking for that combination of roles. He is currently at the Director/Senior Director level. He can apply his experience to med device, healthcare, and pharma packaging. His most recent experience affords him the strongest leverage, but other types of custom thermoforming would apply as well.

  • Strong Sales Leaders – especially at this level with a lot of custom thermoformed med device packaging expertise – are rare! So, if you have an immediate need or as you’re looking to 2023 if there is a future need, you might want to act a little bit sooner than later, given the market.