Our Featured Talent

Thermoforming Operations Leader

Apr 4, 2023

  • Strong Operations Leader with nearly 17 years of experience in thin gauge thermoforming and 20 years overall in production leadership.
  • He has experience in working with larger, multi-site corporations AND also with small, family-owned and operated businesses. This really gives him a unique perspective on how to bring that structure and process from the big to the small, implementing best practices and utilizing different types of tools in order to drive success.
  • He knows how to develop and train to new procedures to ensure consistency across a 24/7 operation… and how to consistently deliver results because of his investment in his teams. This is an invaluable strength for any organization!
  • Why now? The current organization he’s with is a stop-gap as he looks for a long-term opportunity with a growing organization in need of his thermoforming technical skills and his leadership experience. This is very above-board and very open, and the current leadership knows that he’s looking (and that he’s actually not even in the same industry).
  • He is very actively seeking a new role. He is located in the North Carolina/South Carolina region and desires to stay in that general vicinity due to family needs, but he is willing to relocate in that area. 
  • Titles that align are Production Manager or Plant Manager, given his scope. [He’s actually been a Plant Manager before, with about 250 employees accountability, full supply chain, and maintenance – the whole ball of wax.]
  • If you are in need of this type of strong Operations Leader, please reach out! This type of role tends to generate a lot of interest, so let’s put it together!