Our Featured Talent


Feb 3, 2023


  • Today’s Talent Tuesday is a highlight of ALL of our talent at Siena Group. I won’t be talking about every single great person that we work with, but I DO want to feature our talent in general, especially as it relates to the current market.
  •  The BLS Employment Report for January was published on Friday, and I wanted to focus on two data points:
    • “In January, total non-farm payroll employment rose by over 500,000 jobs.” WOW! 
    • Manufacturing employment continued to trend up in January by more than 19,000 jobs. In 2022, manufacturing added an average of 33,000 jobs per month.”  That’s just crazy! Everybody feels it, and everybody knows it empirically, but when you put numbers to it, it’s just crazy!
  •  When it comes to Talent Tuesday videos/emails, we tend to get inquiries right after these videos are published.  That’s very understandable given the numbers I just shared with you. But, we work with so many talented people in so many different functions – and all in thermoforming – that we just can’t highlight all of them.
  • My point? We are here to be your Thermoforming Talent Partner.  If you have a need, please do not hesitate to just reach out… and don’t wait for the Talent Tuesday videos/emails to hit. We would love to come alongside your team and support your talent needs – if it’s an Operations Leader, Plant Manager, specialized Engineer, Quality Leader, Sales Leader, or pretty much any thermoforming role.  We are here to help!
  • Please reach out! I’d love to have a conversation with you and meet you! I’m just excited about what this year has to offer!