Our Featured Talent

VP/Director of Sales

May 16, 2023

  • Very strong VP/Director of Sales/Senior Sales Leader with extensive experience in packaging in a variety of markets including food, med device, automotive, aerospace, CPG, and more! He also brings additional experience in CMOs.
  • More than 20 years of experience – more than 10 years of that in thermoforming! He started out with a primary focus out west (and still resides in CA), growing into senior leadership roles with tremendous scope and accountability.
  • In terms of delivering results, his success is phenomenal: growing revenues by more than $100M in his last 3 roles!
  • He is an amazing combination of generating new business and building a strong commercial strategy (from scratch in one recent role). He flat-out makes a huge impact on the business!
  • Why Now? The private equity-backed company he’s with has experienced chaos at the executive leadership level (multiple C-level changes including the CEO), so he is looking to get into a stable situation. Additionally, he is in a different industry and strongly desires to get back to his packaging/manufacturing roots.
  • Though he is at the executive level, he is seeking a Director or VP-level role with a great company in need of his abilities to create strategy and/or grow the business.  He has national scope and accountability, but brings a ton of contacts in the western part of the country (he is located in California) and would focus in that region as needed.
  • If you’re interested, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!